With School Coming to an End, it is Time to Think About Summer Camps!

Regardless of which fun filled session campers attend they will enjoy bowling, skating, and swimming at The Park. Although the agenda will vary each week depending on the theme, participants are guaranteed to have an exciting, action packed week involving games, activities, and crafts! If the weather is nice and the pool is open, we will be at the pool. Make sure your camper enjoys swimming because we are there almost every afternoon!
Please see below for specific details on each week…

Session 1 ~ June 15-19: “Fun and Fitness Week”
During the Fun and Fitness Week, campers can expect to be up and moving! This week will include many different games and activities that allow campers to have fun while exercising and building friendships. Double dutch, Zumba, Castle Ball, Four Square, and Aerobics are just a few of the many fun activities that campers will be taking part in.

Session 2 ~ June 22-26: “Carnival Week”
Since we are quickly approaching the Fourth of July celebration at The Park, what better way to kick off the week than Carnival Week? Activities for the week may include bobbing for apples, ball/ring toss, and spray away challenges. Come and practice your skills before the real carnival comes to town!

Due to the Park’s J4 Celebration, no camp June 29-July 3

Session 3 ~ July 6-10: “Camp Parkers’ Got Talent Week”
Everyone has a talent, but some kids have not discovered it yet! Camp Parkers Got Talent Week will allow campers to discover and share their talents with their friends in a friendly, fun way. Each day, campers will prepare to put on a talent show at the end of the week. While they are polishing their talents, they will also be trying out new activities to discover what other hidden talents they have. We will also be using our talents to help better the community.

Session 4 ~ July 13-17: “Animal Planet Week”
If you love all types of animals, then Animal Planet Week is for you! Campers will engage in animal-themed games, crafts, discussions, and educational activities. A few live animals may even make an appearance during the week.

Session 5 ~ July 20-24: “Survivor Challenge Week”
Campers should come prepared for a week full of fun challenges during Survivor Challenge Week. While working in a group, campers will be in friendly competition with other teams. Teams will be challenged both mentally and physically while they try to outwit, outsmart, and outplay their opposing teams. It’s not all about speed and strength… it’s about how you play the game.

Session 6 ~ July 27-31: “Game Mania Week”
Who doesn’t love to play games? There are all sorts of games out there that you can play. During Game Mania week, we will be playing them all. There is fun to be had playing card games, board games, game show games, pencil-and paper games, strategy games, and cooperative games. Campers should love to compete, but always in a friendly way. Come and show off your game playing skills and see if you are really as good as you think you are!

Session 7 ~ Aug 3-7: “Olympic Sports Week”
If you enjoy learning and playing different types of sports, then Olympic Sports Week is for you. Basketball, baseball, kickball, volleyball, and any other traditional sports that involve a ball will be played during the week. If campers do not know how to play a certain sport, that is okay! We will be learning or reviewing the rules of each sport before we play to ensure that each camper understands the game!

Session 8 ~ Aug 10-14: “The Best of the Best Week”
No matter how much we may not want it to… Summer always comes to an end. The Best of the Best Week is a great way for campers to end their summer vacation on a high note! Throughout the summer weeks, campers have been making memories and enjoying themselves at camp. Even though there will be many fun things at camp, there are always obvious camper favorites! During this week, we will be combining all of the camper’s favorite games and activities from the summer and play them one last time!