Trout Season Nearing One Month Away – Information You Need to Know!


With the opening of trout season just about a month away in the Cove, it worth reviewing the streams the opportunities that are available to residents sportsman and visitors come the opening of the season on April 12th. Please note that all of the streams listed are mostly on private land. Please get the permission of the land owner before entering the property. Most land owners are gracious with allowing entry to the streams but expect anglers to clean up all garbage, including damaged line and tackle. Nobody wants to clean up your garbage or have to deal with a sick or injured animal. Please respect the wishes of landowners who do not allow entry into the stream on their property.


Approved Trout Streams

These waters have significant portions that are open to public fishing and are stocked with trout by the PA Fish Commission. These include the section of Clover Creek from SR 2005 (Creps Road) in Henrietta to the Larke Road Bridge near Larke, Beaver Creek from King Road Bridge to the mouth in Loysburg, and Yellow Creek from Beaver Creek to the wire that starts the special regulation area at Red Bank Hill, just outside the Cove. Only Beaver Creek is considered approved trout waters for its entire length.


Class A Trout Streams

These waters support a population of wild (natural reproduction) trout of sufficient size and abundance to support a long-term and rewarding sport fishery. The Commission does not stock these streams. These include the following:

Three Springs Run – From the Route 869 bridge through New Enterprise to Yellow Creek.

Potter Creek – From Snyder Creek Road following Route 868 to the mouth at Yellow Creek (Rte. 36).

Plum Creek – From the Route 164 Bridge to the mouth at Halter Creek (on Rte. 36 @ McKee Gap).

Piney Creek – From the mouth of Poverty Hollow Run to its mouth at Gannister on the Juniata River.

Yellow Creek – From Keagy Dam, along Route 36, to the breast of the dam at Waterside.

Clover Creek – From Larke Bridge to the mouth of the stream at the Juniata in Williamsburg.


Stocking Schedule

Yellow Creek:  March 25th & May 10th, Rainbow, Meet 9:30 AM at the New Frontier Restaurant.

Beaver Creek: March 18th & May 10th, Brown & Rainbow, Meet 9:30 AM at the New Frontier Restaurant.

Clover Creek: March 6th, Brown & Rainbow, Meet 10:15 AM at the Williamsburg Post Office.

May 8th, Brown & Rainbow, Meet 10:15 at the Newry Post Office.


Remember, any fish you keep must be at least seven inches long and you are permitted to keep five total (combined species) per day. A valid Pennsylvania fishing license, with trout stamp, is required for all anglers over the age of sixteen and can be purchased at a certified retail outlet or on-line at Out-of-state residents can also purchase a license. Costs vary based on the permit. The state also has two “Fish for Free” days scheduled where anyone can fish without a license on any of the normally legal waterways in the Commonwealth. For 2014, these days are Monday, May 26th and Friday, July 4th. All other rules, regulations, and creel limits must be followed.


For more info, please visit on the web at: or (PA Fish Commission) (Great site for stream and hatch information)

Thanks to Dan Dainty for his research and putting this information together for the Cove.

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