The Mystery of the Gob When You are Outside the Cove


We were more than 50 miles away from the Cove when the term “Whoopie Pie” was brought up.  As the conversation went on, I was clueless as to what this was.  As they started describing, I said “Oh yeah, you’re talking about a Gob right?”  I got the deer in the headlight look.  It was then that I realized they had no clue what a gob was.  The more I asked around, I realized that the term “Gob” is really unknown when you are more than around 50 miles away from the Cove.  They are referred to as “Whoopie Pies”.  I wonder where the term “Gob” came from?  Are these Gobs or Whoopies Pies to you?  Please comment below!

Photo by Joy “Joyosity” on Flickr under Creative Commons License

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