The Mysterious Plane That Flew Over Central Dragon Field

planeWith all of the social media and smart devices, we are extremely surprised that no one has posted or tweeted about the mysterious plane that flew very low last Friday evening during the Central Dragon football game. We happened to be broadcasting the football game when the plane flew over, unfortunately you could not see the plane in the video, but you can hear it flying over as well as watch the players looking up at it.

As a pilot and and an avid RC Quadcopter hobbyist, I try to keep up with FAA regulations. Although there are a ton of regulations, one in particular stands out on this.

Planes are to fly no lower than the minimum of 500 feet AGL (above ground level) over an un-populated area and no less than 1,000 feet over a populated area. This was definitely a populated area (the town of Roaring Spring in general is).

Below is a comment from a local fan (Wade Mellott) that was standing near the field:

“I was standing around the 20 yard line, on the Home side of the field with my son. I was watching the game when I noticed a plane in the near distance turning hard left, toward the field. It seemed to be a small single-engine plane. It flew directly over us, barely missing the tops of the trees. From directly below the plane, it was red and white striped from wing to wing across. It almost reminded me of a ‘tiger stripe’ patter from front to back.”

A comment was also made that when the plane made a hard bank to the left to head toward the field it reminded them of aerobatics of the Red Bull racing planes.


Picture by planetlight on Flickr via CCL 2.0

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