Pump THEN Pay? Who Could Imagine?

pumpYou don’t see these old gas pumps very often.  They are a rare species.  To me, these gas pumps represent the “good ole days”.  It represents a company that still has trust in people.  Remember when you could stop at any gas station, fill up, and then walk in and buy a coffee and a newspaper while paying?  This isn’t the case in most gas stations anymore.  Now you swipe your card, fill your tank, and drive away.  These new style pumps were put in place for two reasons.  First is convenience.  People don’t seem to have as much time.  We want to fill up and be on our way without any interaction with people.  Possibly because we are in a hurry?  Or is it because we do not want the interaction with people as we pay?  The second reason these new pumps have taken over is because of theft.  Unfortunately it seemed that in a tough economy, more people seem to drive away without pay for gas.

Has this pay at the pump “convenience” hurt the small gas stations that don’t sell a mass quantity of gas?  Are they not selling less items in the store?  Does the store owner eagerly wait for people to walk in the store to purchase a hot dog, drink, or snack only to watch the customer drive away after pumping gas?  We constantly see small gas stations disappear across America.  Is it really because the bigger chains are running them out of business or is the fact that the customer constantly drives away without entering the store a bigger factor then realized?

I still enjoy pulling up to these old gas stations that let you pay at the pump.  I typically fill my car up followed by a Ritchey’s tea and possibly a homemade Gob that is usually sitting on the counter.  I still enjoy the conversation with the person working at the store.

This particular pump is at the Farm Bureau in New Enterprise.  Thank you for still allow your customers to fill up the “old school”.  I believe there are still many out there that will support you.

What type of pump do YOU prefer?

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