People of the Cove – Shane Metzler

Recently I had a conversation with a one of our “Crover’s” regarding our next “People of the Cove – Shane Metzler.” I had intended to schedule a time to meet with Shane, but my schedule has been full this week. Business at Cyber Protection Group and Only in the Cove is increasing. A good thing. We are blessed and thankful for each day.

After talking with Amber I realized two things; one…no matter how busy I have been this week I need to get out and see Shane, and two…we all can learn some drive, motivation and positive attitude about life from Shane. So if you see Shane around town, be sure to stop from your busy schedule, take a moment to get to know him and walk away feeling refreshed and motivated about life.

So this week’s “People of the Cove” is told from the words of the Crover I interviewed with this week.

“As among the many living in the small town of Martinsburg, PA, I have come to find that a lot of people tend to know Shane or have heard about him. For 13+ years Shane worked at the local Ed’s Riverside grocery Store. He was always going above and beyond with his job and customers.

Shane was born with a disability, but he never let’s that hold him down from living his life and being driven.

A member of the Martinsburg Volunteer Fire Company it doesn’t matter if it’s a fundraising event or a parade to attend, you can always find Shane pitching in a helping hand.

Shane also devotes time with the Central High School Football team. Win or lose Shane is a major motivator. When the team was going through hard times Shane was always the one to drive them, and get them back into it the game. He definitely knows how to build up the team spirit.

Shane was also able to be a part of the CHS football championship district team. Seeing him in front of the team and running with them onto the field, was an inspiring sight.

During his free time Shane enjoys sports. He’s big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Penn State, Pittsburgh Pirates, NASCAR (Jeff Gordon) and Bowling.

You can always find Shane pitching in a helping hand for the community and others. I admire his drive and determination in life.

So not only has Shane won gold metals by being apart of activities and sports teams. But I think I speak for others around the area when I say that he wins a gold metal in our community for sure.”

Thanks Shane! Thank you for being an example to all of us in the Cove of what it means to live a positive life enjoying every moment and giving back to others no matter what obstacles we may face.