People of the Cove – Nurses

Growing up, both of my parents worked. My mom did her best at times to step away from working so she could be home with us three kids, but each time she did she eventually ended up going back to work. Both her and my dad worked to provide for a family of five.

For my mom, she worked thirty years as a nurse, and she was the best. Her heart has always been to serve others. Even when she wasn’t working, mom gave more of herself to others than she did for herself.

For us kids, mom was super woman. Somehow, while working full time as a nurse, she still managed to make dinner every night on top of taking care of our home.

I remember as I grew up watching mom come home many nights tired and worn out from work, but yet, she continued to go to work. Sure, she did it to help provide for all of us, but I like to think she did it because she absolutely enjoyed taking care of people.

Towards the end of her career she worked as a supervising nurse on an oncology floor at a nursing home as well as for Hospice. After leaving the hospital mom served as a nurse overseas treating people in the Philippines as a missionary as my dad discipled local pastors. Eventually mom “retired” but honestly she has never walked away from nursing.To this day mom is still a nurse at heart providing nursing to those in need.

For me, mom is a nurse, and my hero.

Nurses play an important role in any patient’s life. My mom knows that and so does Kelly Johnson, also known as Miss Colorado. Earlier this week she spoke openly about her career as a nurse at the Miss American pageant, and in the days to follow faced some harsh bashing. I’ll spare you the garbage, as that is not my purpose for our “People of the Cove” series.

So, if you work and serve as a nurse I want to personally thank you for the sacrifices you make day in and day out. You play a vital role in a patient’s life. You’re on the front lines bringing comfort and care to those in pain. You are a hero!

And if you know someone who is a nurse, let them know how much you appreciate what they do. I believe nurses are overlooked and under appreciated and it’s time we give them some recognition for their service and dedication in providing care to those who need it.

So mom, you’ve always know how I feel, but I’m going to say it again here. Way to go! You have provided care and comfort to so many!

Think about it, nurses are people of the Cove who are caring for people of the Cove.