Life is not meant to be rushed

Written by Brian Ford of Hike By Faith

Some of God’s most beautiful creations aren’t found in backyard gardens or front porch flower beds, but rather in the deepest parts of His yard.

Tucked away. Hidden among the dry fallen leaves. Standing alone. Standing short. A small tea berry plant sprouting and announcing itself to the world.

Fall will be coming to an end soon. It’s been a mild fall. Rumors of winter roaring in spread from farmer to farmer to the ears of the community. For now I take advantage of the weather. I get outside. Start at a trail head and seek new adventure. Maybe today I will discover something new. Deer season is a few days away so now is the time to get out before gun blasts dominate the woods and mountains for the next two weeks. For now nothing is here. I’m alone. It’s quiet. The sounds of technology some where in the distance.

A brook to my left. It’s waters gently crashing over rocks. Small trout dancing in shallow pools of water. A woodpecker in the distance tapping away seeking food. His pecking sounds of morose code. Leaves crunching under my feet. The air is cool and crisp.

A large fallen tree, steps away, invites me to sit. I remove the load from my shoulders. Reach in my pack and take a drink. The water is cold and comforts my dry throat. A short break before heading back. For now there is no rush. This spot is where I am suppose to be at this moment. Nothing else matters. Not even time.

Unplug and disconnect from your daily routine and connect with God. He WANTS to spend time with you, and what better place then in His backyard. So go hiking or camping, pull up a log or rock, take a look around and listen to what He has to say. His words (especially in scripture) and conversation to you are more soothing and comfortable then anything being played through your earbuds that iTunes has to offer. They paint a picture brighter and happier then any movie with a “happy ending.” And his words are not gossiping disgruntled rants of my-life-sucks or of hate that we see all too often plastered on the virtual walls of our life.

So whatever you may be going through, unplug for a little and plug into the greatest power available to us, a supernatural power that comes from the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised us before ascending to sit at the right hand of His Father.

And remember, life is one long hiking trip that isn’t meant to be rushed.