Knowing Where We Belong – A Lucky Citizen of the Cove



As I traveled out of the Cove yesterday for a week of vacation in Florida it makes me realize that the world really isn’t the same when you go outside of our mountains.  Doing speeds of 75 on the highway and getting beeped at because I’m not traveling fast enough is now a common occurance.  I find that I’m waiving at people at red lights and they are not waiving back.  You instantly lose the feeling of being “safe” if your car breaks down.  Will someone stop and help you?  Are they going to help you change the tire?  We often do not appreciate what we have until we don’t have it anymore.  I have found that when I travel out of the Cove for a few days it becomes evident that I know where I belong.  Sitting at the duck pond throwing bread to the ducks, talking to the locals at the gas station when I’m fueling up, or bellying up to a good meal at our local diner.  All of those things are what I wake up for every morning.  There is no place like Morrison’s Cove.

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