International Student Exchange Programs

For many people seeking an adventure means packing up and leaving the comfort of their home, traveling to a destination, and forgoing a week of activities that come to end and a lot of unpacking. At ASSE International Student Exchange Programs we believe you can bring the same adventure right to your door step, by hosting an exchange student.

By becoming a host parent you are opening a door to change a life, you are providing basic things, a place to sleep with a bed, meals that you and your family enjoy, an open heart but most of all allowing yourself the opportunity to explore another culture!

Our students are here on exchange for a school year and during those short 9 months they will teach you all about their cultures, their country, possibly cook a great meal or two and you will give them the chance of a lifetime! Their dream at this point is to be in the United States on exchange! The connection that is made through the host family and the student is something that you cannot describe in words. It begins from day one, when the family screens the student profiles to find who they feel would fit best!. Anda Rama, a student who is placed in Berlin, PA that is part of the YES scholarship program funded by the US Department of State says “It is very different my home country Kosovo, my favorite part is the free refills and I am thankful for my host family, they’re the best thing in this experience!”

Our exchange students often talk about how they stay in contact with their host families from the United States and our host families are always talking about the life events that their past students are going through. Our families have traveled to weddings across seas, spent holidays together after the departure back home, and have created lifelong friends that will forever be considered family. Our students come from all over the world, over 40 countries participate in the exchange program, which allows a variety of students to be chosen from and allows a host family many different cultures! We also have students who compete against thousands of other students to be able to obtain scholarship to have this once in a lifetime experience. The host family is a key component to these students and the opportunity that lies ahead.


Without great HOST FAMILIES, none of this would be possible!

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