Growing up in Roaring Spring in the 60’s by the Cove Curmudgeon



I remember growing up in Roaring Spring in the 60’s.

Mom used to give my two sisters and myself 50 cents each on Saturday
afternoon. We then walked to the movie theatre downtown where it cost 25
cents to get in and see the movie. It cost 15 cents for popcorn and 10 cents for an
orange soda, which explains the 50 cents mom gave us.
I remember Varner’s Drug Store. When I was about 10 years old and my older
sister was 11 she showed me the soda fountain in the “side room”. She & I would
walk in and order cherry-cokes. We sat there drinking our cherry-cokes feeling
like we were grown ups!

Mr. & Mrs. Varner were always so nice and treated us so well. They must have
had the patience of Job! So many people looked after the kids back then. I felt like
I had twenty “mothers” in Roaring Spring. Every one of them corrected us when
we (usually me) screwed up, and every one of them looked after us.
I remember Klevan’s Store, the 5&10, Nick’s Shoe Shop and a few others. I
remember the “Teen Center” at the YMCA. That was circa 1971. But my memories
are vague and not getting any better.
Does anyone else remember Roaring Spring “back in the day”? I would sure enjoy
some help on my trip down memory lane.

Cove Curmudgeon

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