Four Generations From Morrison’s Cove Working Hard at Fall Foliage in Bedford

Four generations from Morrison’s Cove have been working hard at Fall Foliage in Bedford this weekend for Country Crate Loft.  Country Crate Loft (located in New Enterprise, PA) specializes in making hand crafted wooden miniatures of all sorts.  In their booth you will find nearly a hundred different miniatures for collecting.  The miniatures are cut out by hand and then each painted individually.  They have been making these neat little assortments for nearly 24 years.  They also specialize in making embroidered shirts.  If you stopped by the booth, you would have seen four generations working including Betty Walls (Great Grandmother), Brenda Bingenheimer (Grandmother), Tonya Miller (Mother), and Callie Miller (Daughter).  Callie stocked shelves and was in charge of keeping smiles on customer’s faces.  Sunday is the last day of Fall Foliage for 2014.  If you don’t have a chance to stop by their booth this year, make sure you visit them at



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