First Time Hiking in the Cove? Here are Some Great Tips!

Brian Ford from points out some great tips for new hikers.

Know the Trail

In general, experts consider the difficulty of a trail—its elevation gain, the steepness of its inclines, its length—to determine its level. Potential hazards, such as rocks, roots and water, may also factor into a trail’s difficulty rating. You can use the info below as a way to gauge what level might be right for you:

  • Beginner trails are suitable for all fitness levels, even if you rarely exercise.
  • Intermediate trails require a solid fitness base: You should work out vigorously a few times a week and be able to walk several miles comfortably.
  • Advanced trails are for people who don’t have knee or ankle problems (because the terrain is often rocky and uneven)—you should exercise five days a week and have a high fitness level.

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