Cyber Protection Group to offer $2,000 Security Assessment for Second Year in a Row

For the second year in a row, Cyber Protection Group is offering external vulnerability security assessments for only $2,000. The increased number of security breaches that have occurred in 2015 have caused a continued need for companies to protect their data. Vulnerability assessments such as web application testing, internal and external vulnerability assessments, wireless assessments, risk assessments, and network penetration testing are in high demand. The demand for security testing continues to drive the cost to prices that companies can’t afford which causes systems to be left vulnerable to malicious attacks. The security testing provided by Cyber Protection Group allows vulnerabilities to be found by the “good guys” before they are exploited. For $2,000, companies can receive a report on vulnerabilities found on up to 50 external IP addresses. Mike Miller, the President of Cyber Protection Group, says that his goal is to continue to be an advocate of Information Security by educating companies on how the smallest vulnerability can impact their systems and affect their business. With over 20 years of experience, Cyber Protection Group has the ability to work with the small (ma’ and pa’) businesses as well as serving enterprise size clients such as major retailers, grocery chains, and online businesses. Alongside of offensive security, Cyber Protection Group also specializes in defensive security including intrusion detection.

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