Cove Lane and North Road Speeders – Please Slow Down

Speeders on Cove Lane (Spring Cove area) and North Road (NBC area)

We thought we would put this out as an effort to ask people to slow down before someone gets hurt.

It has come to our attention that Cove Lane seems to be getting more andmore dangerous. Within the last few weeks, someone living on Cove Lane witnessed a truck blowing through the school bus’s red stop lights. A week later the same thing happened, but by another vehicle. This morning, we had a report of a car traveling extremely fast on Cove lane on the wet and leaf covered road and nearly hit a child standing near the road waiting for the bus. There are very clear signs marking the road for 35mph, but drivers are ignoring the signs. We are asking for people to be very aware as they travel on this road and all other roads during the time that children are waiting for the school bus. Cove Lane is traveled very heavy by students driving to and from school.

Another route that seems to be traveled very aggressively is North Road (New Enterprise). When the new road was put in at the NB Elementary school, North Road turned into a racetrack for students driving to and from school. There are many children who also wait along this road while cars zoom by at speeds of over 70 mph.

If you know of someone who is speeding, please ask them to slow down before it is too late.