A Man… His Dog… and the Wilderness – A Touching Story by a Local

Brian Ford, a good friend of mine posted this story and I had to share it.

“On the Trail with Gus” by Brian Ford of Hikebyfaith.com

I’m a big advocate of rescuing dogs from shelters. Of all my furry, barking and drooling companions, each I have rescued from a shelter. I’m not one for puppy mills or pet stores.

CJ was my mini schnauzer, he was with me for several years before passing away on my lap from congestive heart failure. He passed away last May. By June I felt I was ready. So I took a trip to the shelter, just to look. Yeah, right, just look. Moments after walking in I saw Skippy, a Jack Russell Terrier Mix. On his cage was a sign that read; “ask me to smile.” Needless to say I curious. So I asked to meet Skippy in one of their visiting rooms. Sure enough Skippy broke out into a big smile shortly after meeting me. His upper and lower lip peeling back to reveal his teeth and a genuine smile.

Seven months after I brought Skippy home he passed way suddenly from a tumor that had ruptured in his stomach. When the vet told me the news I was crushed. How could this be? We haven’t had much time together. Apparently during his long stay at the shelter the cancer developed and went unnoticed. It’s no fault of the shelter. Those of us who are advocates and supporters of shelters know of their limited resources and how they rely on donations just to operate. The people at the shelter were heart broken when I told them the news.

Last year I lost two friends in a span of 8 months. It was a loss that affected me in a big way, so you can imagine my reluctance of finding a new dog. However, if you’re a dog person like me you know the affect they have on our hearts. When I met Gus we clicked. It was the same click I had with CJ and Skippy. The strange thing is in the short time we first met I saw bits of CJ and Skippy’s personality in Gus. – Click here to read more