A Great Hiking Article by HikebyFaith.com

We are lucky enough to be able to share some of Brian Ford’s hiking articles.  Brian is the author and creator of hikebyfaith.com.  Story below:

Last Tuesday it snowed and with it cold temperatures, very cold temperatures. Wind chill in the Cove was in the negative digits.

Tuesday was also my day off. It had been a week since my last hike and was fittin’ for one. Fittin’? If you live to hike and be outside in the woods and in the mountains like I do then you know what I mean by fittin’. It’s that moment when you start to twitch and maybe even have some irritability. And all you think about is the outdoors and your favorite trail. Everyday routine and technology begins to drive you nuts and looking at other peoples hiking pics on Facebook or Instagram isn’t helping your fittin’. Oh, if you’re an avid hiker you know exactly what I’m fittin’ is.

So I set out for Canoe Creek State Park. When I arrive it had started to snow again. It wasn’t heavy, but just enough to distort my view as the wind blew white flakes in my eyes.

I was determined to get out in the wood. Snow, wind and cold were not going to be a deterrent. I was prepared both physically and mentally.

I started out on Limestone Trail to SmithHillside to Mattern and down to Marsh Trail. Not only did I put in some miles, I also put in a good workout. Mattern and Smith Hillside have some elevations. Add to it snow and ice and your in for a thigh burning workout. Which I felt for two days after.

20150106_145347At times the sun would break through the clouds and the snow would stop, giving me a great view from the top of the mountain looking over towards Turkey Valley.

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