7 Things You Miss in The Cove

written by Colleen Hileman

Going away means independence, a new start, freedom and a new adventure. Going away is exciting and you don’t really thing you will miss anything from the town you’ve been aching to escape from. But there are times where you look around and miss different things from where you ran around when you were barefoot and two to when you had a graduation cap on your head.
Ritchey’s Chocolate Milk
Honestly, I was always in love with Ritchey’s but now I am even more grateful for it. The first day I tried a chocolate milk other than Ritchey’s I was highly disappointed. From that point on I made sure to take 2% milk and chocolate milk back to college with me from Ritchey’s.
Middlesworth Potato Chips
Every time I shop for college food, I instinctively look for Middlesworth chips and I am disappointed by a row of Lays. I will be studying or at a picnic and all I will be craving is this brand of potato chips.
Okay, this one is one I knew I would miss. When I am away and I am looking at a breakfast menu nothing compares to Boston crème pancakes, cookie dough stuffed doughnuts, The Mess, and so much more. Every time I am home, I make sure to get in for breakfast and even lunch!
Variety of Pizza
When I am up at school there is one local pizza shop and the rest are chain restaurants. I am one that prefers local pizza places than chain. I miss being able to pick between square or round pizza and also what place I will go to. A lot of my college friends don’t understand the difference between a square pizza and a circle pizza but anyone from The Cove understands the difference.
Small Graduating Classes
My university class isn’t that big compared to bigger universities but it is enough to make me miss my graduating class from high school. I knew everyone I graduated with and I was grateful to be blessed with the classmates I was with.
Feeling Safe
Walking around at 11 pm alone isn’t something I can necessarily do at college. I miss feeling safe while walking home from a friend’s house, up at school I have someone walking with me just to make sure I get home and even then I still don’t feel as safe as I do in The Cove.
The Spring Dam
When I am home this is a frequent place I visit. I take my dog on walks here, take photographs, and talk to my friends. The Spring Dam is somewhere where when stress overtakes me at college I wish I could just sit there and rest for an hour or two.